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Sustainable Farming: Our Passion & Your Future

"A Steward of the Land"

Markus Bokisch is a leader in the wine industry, and known for vineyards thare planned, planted and pampered to maximize the quality of the fruit. He is known for thinking outside the box and boldly experimenting with growing and producing diverse varieties that contribute to the ever expanding California wine industry.

As a graduate of UC Davis, Markus understands the history of the soil and sees himself as a steward of the land. This explains his passion for organic and sustainable farm management.

Bokisch Ranches farms more sustainably farmed winegrapes than any other grower in the Lodi Appellation. Markus was named one of 20 Most Admired Grape Growers in North America by Wine and Vineyard Management Magazine, highlighting his work and his passion.

Markus and his wife Liz have dedicated their entires lives to living sustainably. Bokisch started farming organically in 2005, long before it was sustainably farmed winegrapes were in high demand. He is has long been an innovator and pioneer in the movement towards sustainability.

Beyond Organics: How Bokisch Vineyards is an Innovator in Sustainable Winegrape Growing

Lodi Rules


Our vineyards are certified by the Lodi Rules of Sustainable Winegrape Growing. We are the beginning partners of this program that focuses on sustainability beyond just what's happening the vineyard.

Find out more about the Lodi Rules Program

 Energy Use


"I am a steward of the land. Stewardship - that's what sustainability means to me. Have I treasured and maintained this land, and left it better for the generations after me?" - Markus Bokisch

In 2004 we installed a 22.5 kilowatt solar energy system for two irrigation pumps covering 70 acres of  vineyard, our main shop and two homes.


To the right: Solar panels soak up sun at our Las Cerezas Vineyard.

Check out each one of our vineyards

Human Resources/Labor Relations


We maximize our ability to provide year round employment for our vineyard employees to better serve our community.


"For our vineyard team - this work matters to them, these pieces of land, these acres of winegrapes, they take pride in them." - Markus Bokisch

To the left: Our vineyard formean Pedro has been working for us since 1995, he is truly part of our Bokisch work family.

Integrated Pest Management


We cover crop our vineyard rows and avenues to minimize dust


Find out how we use pheromone tags for pest management as opposed to pesticides 

To the right: We use pheromone tags to control vine Mealybugs in our vineyards.

Air Quality Control


We cover crop our vineyard rows and avenues to minimize dust.


"Fetzer Vineyards to one particular grower in the Lodi AVA, Bokisch Ranches, as poster child for its all-out commitment to sustainability." - The Clever Root Magazine

Markus Bokisch is named one the most 20 Most Admired Grape Growers in North America

Alternative Fuel Use


We are striving to convert our farm vehicles and tractors to biodiesel and electric energy.




Markus Bokisch and Bokish Vineyards is Featured in Wine Spectator

Soil and Water Management


We minimize irrigation and erosion in order to maximize nutrition in our soils which results in higher, more concentrated fruit quality.


"While many view Lodi as a region best suited to growing high-production grapes for low-priced table wines, he has a broader vision – one in which Lodi is also known as a producer of premium wine grapes for boutique wines..." - Vineyard and Wine Management Magazine on Markus Bokisch

Land Stewardship


We combine our management of agriculture with the ecosystem by providing  riparian zones, oak woodlands and by maintaining vernal pools.





To the right: Bokisch Vineyards farms more organic winegrapes than any other Vineyard Management company in the Lodi Appellation. This vineyards is our organically farmed Terra Alta Vineyard which is also the site of our Winery and Tasting Room.

Central Valley Farmland Trust


We are founding members of this Non-Profit Farmland Trust which has purchased conservation easements for the preservation of agriculture.


Find out more about the Central Valley Farmland Trust