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For Markus and Liz Bokisch, exploring these unique French varieties has been a labor of love. We employ traditional winemaking techniques and sustainable viticulture to ensure that the grapes speak their truth. This commitment is a collaboration between nature and nurture, where Bokisch Vineyards acts as the steward, allowing the grapes to tell their unique story without excessive intervention.

Markus and Liz share a profound affinity for France and its diverse grape varieties. Liz's educational journey led her to Montpellier, where she studied abroad, and later, she imparted her knowledge of French at Napa High School. Their transformative experience exploring the wine regions of France in their 1967 VW Bus fueled their passion for embracing the French "vigneron" concept. This philosophy involves vertically integrating the entire winemaking process, from cultivating the grapes to crafting the wine and selling it directly. Markus gained valuable experience at Joseph Phelps Vineyard, where he honed his skills. His expertise became instrumental in shaping their Rhone program, as he dedicated himself to carefully selecting vineyards across California. His contributions played a crucial role in the success of their endeavor.

Staying true to these unique varieties is our pledge, and it's a journey we undertake with unwavering dedication at Bokisch Vineyards, celebrating the tradition and innovation that lies at the heart of our Tizona wines.