Winery History

Why Spanish Varietals?

What does the name “Bokisch” have to do with Spain? Markus Bokisch has a love for Spanish wines because of his family heritage. His mother is from Spain and his father was from Germany. They met in Paris and fell in love…learning French very rapidly! Although Markus was raised in California, he and his brother spent every childhood summer in Spain with their relatives. In the Spanish tradition they were given wine with water at meals. As they grew older each year the wine & water started turning from a light pink to a deep purple as they reached adulthood. Little did Markus know, his tastebuds from then on were programmed towards Spanish wines. It’s not surprising that he pursued a degree in plant pathology and from there began specializing in viticulture. After spending several years at Joseph Phelps Vineyards specializing in Rhone Varieties, he and his wife, Liz, moved to Spain where he worked in the Spanish wine industry. Upon their return, they purchased their property in the Lodi area and planted their first vineyard. Thus began Bokisch Ranches, LLC.

The Secret of Lodi

When Markus and Liz moved from the quaint haven of Yountville in the heart of the Napa Valley to start their dream in Lodi many asked why. It’s a question they get asked often from many people, except anyone from Lodi who already knows the secret! First of all, Markus has a soft spot for places that remind him of Spain. His many drives through the Delta to Lodi reminded him of the Delta del Ebro in Spain where his family lives. When he found the property in the Clements Hills east of Lodi and showed it to Liz, she loved it because it reminded her of her family land in Placer County with rolling hills and oak trees. Lodi also has the small town feeling that reminds both of them of their hometowns … “Where everybody knows your name.” Besides being an excellent climate for grape growing (due to the cooling delta breezes in the summer afternoons), it’s a wonderful community to raise a family. Thus decided, they moved to Lodi with their two sons and planted their first Syrah Vineyard.

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